3 Options when Home Appliance Break Down

home appliance replacement costAlthough all manufacturers claim that their products have long life, but no one can guarantee for how long a home appliance is going to work. It is not always important that old home appliance will wear out quickly as compared to new one. If the quality of newly bought home appliance is not good, it will wear out quickly than the older but good quality appliance. Although home appliance break down every now and then, but their demand always keeps on increasing. Instead of replacing a damaged home appliance, you also have an option of repairing it.

When we buy home appliance from reputed brands, they run for years without giving any problem. Therefore, we take them for granted, this is the reason why many people get panic, when their appliance break down. Usually, when a situation like this happen, you have these choices – Replace the old appliance, Repair it on your own or call a technician to repair it.

All three options have their own advantages and disadvantages.

1) Repairing on your own – The biggest benefit of choosing this option is cost saving. As you are not replacing the appliance nor hiring a technician, you are able to save on the technician’s service charge, as well as cost of buying new appliance. You will be able to save further, if you already have the necessary tools required to do the repairing work. On the other hand, one big disadvantage of this option is that you can end up damaging the appliance if you do not have the required expertise. Most people do not have necessary knowledge and experience to repair an appliance with tools available at home.

2) Technician – Calling a technician to repair a broken appliance is one of the most common choices that people make to get the job done. A technical person will have the necessary skills and experience required to repair the appliance. It is a safe and cost effective option, as you will not be required to spend money on buying a new equipment. Most technicians will do repairs on site, i.e. your home or office and charge a very nominal service fee.

3) Buying a new Appliance – Amongst all three, this is the most expensive option. People who are low on budget will not find this option very attractive. Sometimes it is possible that you are able to fix the broken appliance for a small fraction of amount that you will spend on buying a new appliance.

Depending on situation and factors like time and budget all the above three options can be a viable choice for different people. It is important to first understand the level of damage and take the cost estimate before making a final call.

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